Producer, Director, and Cinematographer:
James Saldana

Associate Producers:
Richard Carsley and Jeffrey Norman

Assistant Directors:
Ibish Gashsi* and Sylejman Selimi*

Picture Editors:
Josh Hyde, Erik Mauck and James Saldana

Still Photography:
Todd John and Jeffrey Norman

Audio Engineer:
Tim Buelow

Production Coordinator:
Pat Kelly

Cultural Historian:
Sarah Price

Jashar Klisurica* and Fahredin Rexhepi*

Media Advisor: Gazmend Vitaku*

Translator: Sylejman Selimi*

* These people are Kosovar Albanians.

Donations: Computers for Kosovo Primary School:

We are collecting donations to provide computers for the "George K. Skenderbeg" Primary School (Suhareka school municipality) in the village of Sallagrazhde, Kosova.

Thanks to Austrain & German peacekeeping forces stationed in Kosovo, the school was able to construct a modern computer classroom, unfortunately they were unable to secure the remaining money to purchase the required number of computers to fill the classroom.

Currently all 520 students have access to 2 computers. If you'd like to donate money towards the purchase of additional computers please click the "Donate" button and give what you can. The school is looking forward to purchasing 8 more computers to fill the computer classroom.

Official request from the Headmaster: JPEG : PDF

Contact us to arrange a screening!

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