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Filming required three trips to the Balkans; Albania during the war (1999), Kosovo during the occupation (2000), and during the civil war in Macedonia (2001). During that time we lived with the refugees in the camps and return with them home, in order to document their lives during this conflict.

By the end of our expeditions, we had exhausted our funds and available time, as many of us moved on to graduate school and started new projects in Peru, Palestine, and Iraq. So post-production continued as we sought to overcome technical and copyright issues, in addition to attaining additional footage, photos, and music.

Making our first film as students in the middle of an ongoing conflict was quite challenging. Not to mention working with digital video and Final Cut Pro 1.0 during their infancy (1999), long before OS X and the Macintosh G4/G5 came along; still the dark ages of analog video.

Prior to to the post-production phase, we were able to submit a select few "work-in-progress" cuts of our film to festivals for screening.

The final cut of our film represents several years of effort and determination by over a dozen students to overcome the challenges of producing a professional quality film.

- James Saldana

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BIO and Filmography: [menu]

As a student filmmaker I've produced and participated in several independently funded films to include;

Daughters of Abraham
"Best Documentary" Angelus Awards
Filmed: Palestinian West-Bank, Israel - 2003
Remade for HBO Films: To Die In Jerusalem ©2007

Our Road To Kosovo
"Best Documentary Finalist" Angelus Awards
Filmed: Albania and Yugoslavia - 1999-2001

Protective Force
Filmed: Macedonia - 2001
[TV News Broadcast]

Glue Gun
Filmed: Zimbabwe - 1998.

Fight Back!
Produced: USA - 2004

In addition, my interest in the plight of indigenous people and spiritualism drew me to the mountains of Peru 2003 to participate in the making of Despacho. A film about the ancient art of shamanism.

My latest project took me to Baghdad to film the occupation of Iraq, tentatively named
Iraqi Drive-By, a series of film shorts.

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Screenings, Awards, and Press Coverage

Final Release Submissions: [menu]

Many more to come...

SOAPIFF Film Festival
Screening March 2-5, 2006
[] [Screening.PDF] [Award]

2006 George Linsey UNA Film Festival
"Student Documentary" Winner
U.N.A., Alabama
Screening March 2-5, 2006
[] [Screening.PDF] [Award]

Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival
[] [Screening.PDF]

Temecula Valley International Film Festival
"Best Short Documentary" Jury Award
Temecula, California
Screening September 14-18, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF] [Award]

Bay St. Film Festival
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Screening September 16-18, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF]

DCONZ [International Documentary Film Festival] -
Auckland / Wellington , New Zealand
Screening(s) September 15 - October 5, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF]

Orinda Film Festival - Sponsor (Sundance Channel)
Orinda, California
Award [unknown] * Screening September 23, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF]

Sacramento Film & Music Festival
Sacramento, California
Award [unknown] * Screening August 17-21, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF]

Best Fest America [Film Festival]
San Diego, California
"Best Documentary" 2nd Place Award
Screening July 30-31, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF] [Award]

Bronx Independent Film Festival
Bronx, New York
"Honorable Mention" Award
Screening TBA, 2005
[] [Award.PDF]

Planet Ant Film & Video Festival
Sponser (Detroit Film Center)
Detroit, Michigan
"Best Documentary" Award
Screening June 16-19, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF] [Award.PDF]

Artsfest Film Festival
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Screening May 28-30, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF]

Fest-EYE-Ful [Film Festival]
Texarkana, Texas
Sponsor (Independent Film Channel):
Screening April 22, 2005
[] [Screening.PDF]

Amnesty International "Human Rights Film Festival"
St. John's, Canada
Showcase Screening (by invitation)

[] [Screening.PDF]

WSIU PBS (my university's station)
Carbondale, IL
Student Showcase Broadcast (by invitation)
[] [TV Listing.PDF]

Detroit Docs [Film Festival]
Detroit, Michigan

[] [Screening.PDF]

Angelus Awards [International Student Film Festival]
Hollywood, California

"Best Documentary Finalists" Award
[] [Award.PDF]

Team Kosovo member Josh Hyde picks up our award at the Directors Guild in Hollywood, CA

TV, Radio, and Newspaper Press Coverage: [menu]

Broadcast Media (Radio & Television)

"Angelus sets student finalists"

[] [Article.PDF]

Southern Illinoisan:
"Our Road to Kosovo: SIU student's film receives prestigious Angelus Awards"

[Article (reprint).PDF]

Editorial Matters (reprint):
"Our Road to Kosovo: SIU student's film receives prestigious Angelus Awards"

[] [Article (reprint).PDF]

Southern Illinois University's -
Perpectives (magazine)
"Kudos for Team Kosovo"
[] [Article (reprint).PDF]

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